Upslope Tap Room Series Beer Release- Hefeweizen

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upslope tap room series hefeweizen releaseTap Room Series Hefeweizen Release Party!

We’re back with the newest entry in our Upslope Tap Room Series of beers, this time it’s a traditional hefeweizen! Come join us in either of our tap rooms on June 20th for the release of the hefeweizen, both in cans and on draft!

If you’re not familiar, our Tap Room Series of beers are specially selected brews that have been popular in our tap rooms. These beers have typically never been canned before, so we brew an especially large batch and split it between kegs and cans. Once they’re gone, that’s it for the year. Come get some while it’s available and enjoy this beer fresh!

About This Brew >> 4.9% ABV, 13 IBUs

Hefeweizen, which roughly translates to yeasty wheat beer, is an unfiltered Bavarian wheat beer. The lack of filtration is meant  to accentuate the special yeast strain that its fermented with, one that is unique to weissbier. The light wheat used in this beer gives it a light and refreshing body with just a hint of lemon zest on the palate. The star of the show is the yeast, esters instill a subtle and sweet banana flavor with an accent of spice. The stylistically hazy appearance let you know that this is an unfiltered wheat beer that is best enjoyed as fresh as possible.

Despite the complexity that this hefeweizen offers, this beer was brewed to be refreshing and easy drinking. It’s an easy pick for something refreshing to pair with our patio, or any of your favorite summer outings thanks to the 19.2 oz. cans available to go!

About This Event

Come swing by either of our tap rooms on June 20th to get your hands on this fresh beer. Hefeweizen will be available on draft all day at both our Flatiron Park and Lee Hill tap rooms, and there will also be cans available to go.

Come by and let us know what you think! Cheers!