Meteorologically speaking, it’s a front range-covering, water-table-filling, snow-dumping weather pattern that anyone with bindings and a roof rack would die for. Beerologically speaking, it’s carbonated gold. In 2008, Matt Cutter, Henry Wood and Dany Pages, kissed their homes in Cleveland, Atlanta and Argentina goodbye to bring their beer-brewing love affair to Boulder, Colorado. With that, Upslope Brewery Company was born. And after eight years of supplying Colorado with trailhead tallboys, and pow-day libations made from the freshest snowmelt, the finest hops and the purest passion for living life outdoors, one thing has become undeniable. These guys didn’t just float another microbrew into the sea of Colorado microbrews. They created a lineup of quality craft beer that tastes as good poured from a tap as they do pulled out of a fishing vest. In other words, for those who call the Continental  Divide home, the perfect storm.



Matt, Dany and Henry were three guys with a passion for two things: living life outdoors and brewing the perfect beer to cap off any adventure. That’s where the idea of Après Everything was born. Drawn not just to skiing, but to anything over the Rockies and under the sky, Après Everything makes Upslope a hand-held tribute to all who believe playing hard should end with a quality beer that goes down easy.



Last we checked, when it comes to places to fish, hike or crack a craft beer, there is no planet B. So here’s a list of folks we work with to keep the environment healthy, and Colorado’s beer hoppy.

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Two of our favorite things in this world are beer and fishing. And you can’t have either without clean water. So we’re proud to partner with Trout Unlimited to conserve, protect and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and watersheds. Through our 1% For Rivers campaign, we donate 1% of all Upslope Craft Lager can sales to your local Trout Unlimited chapter.


We believe that the more you go out exploring the earth, the more likely you are to take care of it. That’s why we package all our beers in 100% recyclable cans, perfect for transporting wherever the trail may take you. And it’s why, from the water and energy we use to the waste we make, we do everything possible to leave a mark with our beer, not our footprint. Click here for our current Sustainability Summary.


  • Upslope uses an average of 4 barrels of water for every barrel of beer produced compared to the industry average of about 7 barrels of water for every barrel of beer produced.
  • Our Flow Meter Project monitors specific processes (cleaning, canning, kegging, and brewing) to pinpoint exact water usage.
  • Constant data collection helps us form goals and shapes our efforts to reduce water usage.


  • 100% of Upslope’s spent grain and about 3,000 gallons of spent yeast per month is distributed to local farms to feed local livestock.
  • 100% of Upslope events are Zero Waste Events through recycling and composting.
  • Upslope is committed to improving compost and recycling efforts every day. We take part in, as well as encourage our customers to as well, in the Ring Leader Recycling Program for our photo-degradable 6-pack rings.
  • Packaging includes 100% aluminum cans:
    • Cans have a 1:1 recycling ratio vs 4:1 for glass bottles.
    • Cans weigh less creating a smaller carbon footprint than glass bottles.
    • A can recycled today is another can on the shelf in 60 days.
  • Packaging includes 100% recycled cardboard.


  • Upslope has a 12.96:1 energy usage ratio compared to the industry average which ranges between 12:1 and 22:1.
  • Upslope is 100% wind powered through Arcadia Wind Power by purchasing RECs (renewable energy certificates) to offset our average monthly consumption. Average energy saved per month equates to 584 Trees Planted and 2,561 Gallons of gas unused (or 54,180 emission-free miles driven).
  • LED Lights and motion sensors are used throughout our warehouse.
  • Upslope uses a high efficiency Miura boiler that is 20% more efficient than standard boilers.