New Lee Hill Series: Batch 1000

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There comes a big moment in a production brewery’s life – it’s like rolling over the 100,000 mile mark in your car. Enter, “Batch 1000”, our latest Lee Hill Series.

Photo Credit: Tyra Sutak Ink & Images

We set out to challenge ourselves and challenge some of the fundamental assumptions of what a beer could become. During fermentation, our brewing team dosed 10 different types of sugar into the tank to feed our yeast and achieve the high alcohol level – which also led to a spectacularly nuanced flavor profile in the finished beer. After an extended stay in Jim Beam barrels, many of the higher alcohols rounded out and the vanilla rich oak character helped bring balance to the sweetness that was created with the sugar additions. It’s been quite the journey, and we’re excited to share this beer with those who are searching for an adventurous beer experience.

We proudly announce the release of our newest Lee Hill Series and all around big deal – Batch 1000!


Thursday, April 4th (5-9 pm) at our Lee Hill tap room. Be the first to try this one on tap or snag a can for your cellar, or both!

12 ounce cans will be available for $10 per. Price per can will go up to $12 on Friday.

🍻 Buy a can, get a free limited release collector glass! (While supplies last)


To celebrate our 1,000th batch of beer brewed at our main production facility, we concocted a ludicrously sticky wort and dosed ten different types of sugar into the fermenting beer. Twelve months of mellowing in fresh bourbon barrels bestowed notes of warm caramel, crème brûlée, stone fruit, and baking spices. This rich and viscous beer turned cordial is intended to be savored and shared in good company.

Packaging & Carbonation

We recently packaged this beauty and want to address the “squishy can” feeling you might  notice with this 12 ounce package. Here’s a note from our lead brewer, Alex Meyer:

Batch 1000 is a unique beer for us on multiple fronts: a milestone in production, as well as the highest ABV beer we have ever produced. It is also the first beer that we have chosen to package intentionally without carbonation, or “still” as it is known in the wine world. Why produce a beer without bubbles? We believe that the grandeur of this special project is best enjoyed without the carbonic bite that carbonation would impart. This preserves the rich, viscous body and decadent malt complexity of the beer as it came out of the barrel. As a result, sealed cans of Batch 1000 may feel less firm than one is accustomed to and will pour completely flat without a head. The beer will continue to open up and reveal new complexities as it warms to room temperature. Enjoy!


Named after our original North Boulder brewery, the Lee Hill Series is our tribute and continued commitment to experimenting and crafting small batches of beer for YOU, our awesome, craft beer-loving fans.

This quarterly, limited release series celebrates experimentation and creativity. The Series offers new and innovative styles that are sure to be cellar keepsakes!