Are you “Up 4 It”? New Beer for GABF Week!

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Are you Up 4 It? We bet you will be when you hear about our latest collaboration!

Introducing “Up 4 It”, the Whole-Cone Hopped Honey Pale Ale brewed with three other “Up” breweries – Upland Brewing from Indiana, Upstate Brewing from New York, and Upright Brewing from Oregon.

We were lucky enough to collaborate with these breweries who each sourced ingredients from their local communities for this brew. With local hops from Oregon, Colorado and Indiana, honey from New York, and 100% Colorado Malt, each brewery was able to bring something to the table.


So where can you find it? If you’re lucky enough to be in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), check us out at the following tapping events:

October 1st

  • Falling Rock Tap House is hosting a special tapping party at 4pm kick off GABF right.
  • It will be available on tap at our Flatiron Park tap room while supplies last, starting at 11am.

October 2nd

  • You can also find “Up 4 It” on tap during Upslope’s tap take over at World of Beer at 4pm.


Photos from our brew day with Upslope Head Brewer Sam Scruby and Patrick from Upland:

Upslope Brewing Company  Up 4 It Collab

It’s goin’ down… whole cone hops!

Upslope Brewing Company Up 4 It

Mixing up the honey

Upslope Brewing Company Up 4 It

Patrick mashing out

Upslope Brewing Company Sam and Patrick

Sam and Patrick enjoying a brew