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odd13 collab leaf-less hop NE ipa
Odd13 and Upslope Collaborate on a Leaf-less New England IPA!
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A Zero-Leaf IPA Using Innovative Hop Products There’s a significant focus on innovation among craft breweries, which gives them an advantage and added appeal over larger breweries that are more steeped in their ways. New and exciting experimentation keeps our staff on the move and our fans on the edge of their seats to see…

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Strawberry Mint IPA- Our Newest Tap Room Series Beer
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Strawberry Mint IPA Upslope’s Newest Tap Room Series Beer We’re excited to announce the newest installment in our Tap Room Series, the Strawberry Mint IPA! Inspired by strawberry gazpacho, a chilled European summer soup, this IPA offers crisp bitterness with a refreshing peppermint kick and some juicy, strawberry flavor. This unique fruited IPA is a…

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