Celebrate National IPA Day 2016 with Upslope Brewing Company!

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Upslope Brewing IPA Day 2016

Upslope IPA Day Flight 2016!

IPA Day with Upslope in Boulder

Today, August 4th, 2016, is officially IPA Day in the national craft beer world. It’s only fitting that the most popular style of craft beer in the States receives such an honor, so we wanted to put on a little party to celebrate the occasion.  We’ll be serving up India Pale Ale flights all day so come thirsty hop heads! Don’t forget the best part,  we still have a few kegs of our fantastic Mosaic IPA left on draft!

Upslope IPA Day Flights

Upslope National IPA Day

The Mosaic IPA might be the star of the flight, but there aren’t any slouches in this lineup. Start off with a 4oz. pour of our original Upslope IPA. It’s a departure from the more common hop bomb IPAs out there today due to its rich copper color and deep, malty backbone. Make no mistake though, our IPA still offers the complex and refreshing hop bitterness that IPA enthusiasts crave.

Upslope Thai IPANext up is our Thai Style White IPA, a light and crisp non-traditional IPA that’s become a summer staple at our brewery. This one isn’t as focused on the hop character as the rest of the lineup, but that’s what makes it so approachable and well loved. Alongside the summery citrus hops, we’ve added Thai basil, lemongrass, coriander and ginger. To cement its unique crispness, this IPA is also fermented with Belgian Wit yeast, which adds a distinctive clove flavor and makes it a little lighter on the palate than your typical American IPA. At 6.5% abv, it’s ready for any summer adventure or cookout and won’t weigh you down.

Third, we have our fourth Experimental IPA, aptly named Experimental IPA #4. It’s a refreshing and resinous low gravity, west coast style IPA. Clocking in at 5.3% abv, it is definitely sessionable. In contrast to some west coast IPAs favoring citrusy hops, the simcoe, amarillo, and lemondrop hops combine for an aggressively bitter and resinous hop character with just a hint of citrus. The experiment has been successful so far as this has been the most popular Experimental IPA in the tap room.

Then we have the current crowd favorite, our Mosaic IPA. As the name suggests, this India Pale Ale was hopped exclusively with Mosaic hops, and the result is incredible. A crisp bitterness combines with a zesty grapefruit and tropical taste to make an amazing IPA. It’s a real crowd pleaser at 7.5% abv, not too strong, but not too small either. Unfortunately, we’ve already sold our stock of cans of this member of the Tap Room Series, but we’ve got a few kegs left to tap and growler fills are available until we run out!

Upslope Imperial IPA

Lastly, we’ll treat you to our original Imperial IPA. At 10% abv and 90 IBUS, you might think you already know what this beer is about, it might surprise you though. The huge bitterness is well balanced with a bold malt bill that gives it a brilliant golden color. Its complexity may make it the most balanced beer in the lineup, and a fitting way to finish off the flight.

The #IPADay Festivities Continue!

But the celebration doesn’t end with the flights! We’ll also be giving away fresh cans of our IPA in some sweet Upslope koozies to the first 100 people who tag us in a shared photo of the celebration on social media and use the #UpslopeIPADay tag! Show your post to any bartender to claim your prize!